We have March 2018 and the spring football season comes with it. What will bring to the company and above all the players we will see. Winter preparation is always long and unpleasant and we all look forward to sunshine and good football terrain. But let's take a little to evaluate the current state.


Tomas Bulir moved from three-league Zap to another three-league club, namely SK Benatky. At the beginning of January, he passed a week in the second league club Pribram, but soon he became sick and coach Csaplar decided that there would be more opportunities at the moment to give the club's tribal players. The Zapy had a renewed interest in Tomas, but above all certain agreements did not find their fulfillment, so Benatky, even if they are on the opposite side of the table, there will be a fight for rescue. However, it is a little closer from Jablonec, and when the winter was already an opportunity to complete a training with A team, Tomas's spring performance should clearly bounce to promote professional football all the way.


Sebastian Munzar got the offer from Benatky at the end of the autumn, and in view of his game workload, we evaluated it positively, especially because he was wanted by coach Jicha. However, Coach Jicha has completed his mission shortly before the start of the spring season, so it may be a little heavier for Seba. However, he did a good performance in the winter games and so we believe that in his case we will notice sport growth.


Lukas Novak is the third player in Jablonec and the third player in 1996, who has to fight at this stage for career in professional football.  He will go on again in Stechovice and his performance in preparation for the basic set should suffice. But in the summer, the offer should come that will decide at what level not only Luke will continue to play football.


Mara Radimsky has built his place in the U 18 Sparta, and although he was struggling with a tiny crisis, it is important that he overcame her. So Maro in spring let´s fight  with zest:-)


Ondra Adamek moves into adult football for the spring part and will change his jersey for the first time in his career.  Although it's just I.A class in Jilove, it will be good for him to get to know adult football and change his age-old stereotype.


The fact that Lukas Hrobnik has been preparing for a long time with Bohemia we have mentioned. Under the leadership of the new coach U 18, the former league player David Strihavka graduated from the whole winter training and he and especially Bohemka as a club showed a serious interest, which was reflected in the half-year performance of kangaroos. It is just a proof that Jilove leads the way to the league clubs. So also good luck.


By Mara Strach may have been re-awakening interest in football, some adaptation to the new school regime, so he will still stay in Jilove for the spring and we will see how he will succeed.


Krystof Kratochvil also decided to stay in Jilove and play for both teams, both adolescents and adults, and this choice should be respected.


Jakub Sifra is really a great loser. Thanks to the persistent health problems, winter training has not started and the question is when he will be fit. So Kubo fight!


Oliver Salansky in Aritma jersey continues and praises the approach of coach Adam Petrous. We believe that during the spring again, at least in training, try the adult football to continue to improve.


The last player with whom we corporate is Vaclav Pericevic, a player of 2000. He is also Bohemians U 18, who is currently under supervision of the already mentioned David Strihavka. Vasek is an undisputed talent, even he tried a jersey of youth representation , but his football growth he can stop by not behaving like a future professional. It would be a great shame, but players at almost 18 years of age have to realize themselves, even though the neighborhood can help.


So let the boys succeed in the spring and work mainly on your growth at all aspect.

Fotbalovy agent, Football Twenty First Century


Vaclav Pericevic was born on 9th May 2000 and is the first player in 2018, with whom we have established cooperation and we look forward to being successful.


Vaclav acted in pupils' cathegories  Slavie Prague, less than two years ago he moved briefly to Jilove and  now is the player of U 18 Bohemians Prague 1905. With the U17 representation, he recently took part in a qualification for the European Championship in Luxembourg.


Winter training starts at the club under the direction of a new coach, former league player David Strihavka. So we believe he has entered with the right foot in the new year and his career will develop in the way to meet his football dreams.

Of course we wish him that and we will try to help him as much as possible.


So here is the end of the autumn season, and we need to make a brief assessment and think about how far. The boys went to half a season with some ideas and it is a question of how they filled them up.


Tomas Bulir has built his position in the three-league Zapy and the final balance of 4 goals and 8 assists is very decent on the wing player as well as the final ranking of the team on the third place. However, it is a question of how and where Tomas will have a  winter training, because even in the background of the performance, at least the National League should open him the gate. It is important that Tomas himself has some things compared in his head and it is seen on the overall individual performance.


Sebastian Munzar finished the autumn with little game play and here it will be very important to think about where and how to begin preparation so that his sporting growth is not suspended. The competition for the position of the center players was high, however, if the coach of the player explicitly wished, is the question, where it happened "a mistake" and why Seba had so little space.


By Lukas Novak, his move to Stechovice was a way of winning, but with a small flaw in beauty. With his achievements, the benefit to the team and above all the possibilities to learn by Lada Volesak, there was definitely progress with the fact that there is the interested about him in higher competition. However, the fact that he has already joined two clubs in the year does not allow him to move on to it now. On the other hand, it is necessary to do it in a club where the coach gave him the confidence and he will probably repay it, a half-year of good work, and then it is up to him to say no for the exam, but for a professional football contract with everything necessary.


Marek Radimsky surely got stronger, which is good for football. This is also the result of his good work, as well as by playing steadily in U18. The fact that he has to work on some things he knows, and it is important that he wants to improve. The training process has its own quality, and in soccer it is possible to make big changes thanks to one very good game.


Ondra is also a hard-working player-keeper, but the game load is unfortunately also smaller considering the high competition in the club. Even here in the winter break we will have to seriously think about how far, if any change will not benefit the case.


By Mara Strach, the most important part of the autumn was to reawake his interest in football as such. It can be said that the half-year has not succeeded overall, and there is a need to seek the motivation of both the player and the neighborhood so that the indisputable talent does not fit into a position that no one could imagine a year ago. But we believe the worst is behind us J


Lukas Hrobnik de facto trained with Bohemia since September, and he has scored a personal balance of 4 goals and 9 assists for Jilove A team , so he was de facto the most effective player of the team. We will see how it will come out after winter preparations with his next engagement, but if he wants to work on his improvement, the future is definitely ahead of him.


Krystov Kratochvil is another young player with all the "problems and joy" for 17 years. He has to realize himself what he wants to do in football, and then what needs to be done for it.  The three goals for adults are decent, but the performance is both on the swing. One performance on a match man, another for ten minutes alternating. Winter is about to show up.


Jakub Sifra is a great loser. When he finally got into the basic set and especially the decent form, the injuries and other operations again came. Menisks should be treated and Kuba wants to start again. It's twice that we wish him a lot of health.


We started to corporate with player of the year 2002 Oliver Salansky. As a key player of Aritma is playing the Czech league of U17 under the coach Adam Petrouš. His autumn balance of 5 goals and 5 assists as a left midfielder is very decent in the situation of 19 team goals. So Oliver let´s work  !!!


Everyone who watches our news we wish a nice time and a little rest without football, which will soon miss us again. :-)


For the life of footballers, it's twice the old saying that you're down and up once, because almost only bands are winning, but soccer is winning and defeating, and of course it's about the players. So if we mentioned in the summer news that quite a lot happened, but that a number of things are still finalizing, it was a „holy truth“.


Tomas Bulir has won a solid position in the Zapy and can be said to be among the stable players of the basic eleven. After ten rounds of play, he has about four assists, but unfortunately only one goal scored and just because he plays regularly, he would want the goal more.


Sebastian Munzar and his situation in the team is made worse by the fact that in the middle of the deposit there are experienced home bosses, former player of Sparta Putz and captain Jelinek, and his game load does not correspond to pre-season expectations. However, Seba is a fighter and therefore we believe that his moments in the competition will still come.


In view of the overpressure in the middle of the field and the way of the game of the team of Zapy, which is closer to the British islands than the Pyrenees, managed to move Lukas Novak to the well-known environment of the club TJ Stechovice before the end of the transfer period. Domestic coach Zbynek Bust about Lukas was standing well and probably he knew why. The win in Brozany 5: 4 and Lukas is despite the injury at the birth of the decisive goal. The weekly forced pause and wearing of the orthosis do not prevent Lukas from shooting with Ciz's winning goal and determined the result 4: 3. Another home match, when home matches are played for almost 75 minutes against Benesov at ten and there is a pass on the draw by Lukas Batka. Perhaps debakl with Pisek 0: 5 was an exceptionally valid rule.


Young Sparta players Marek Radimsky and Ondrej Adamek have the chance to taste the junior Champions League. Unfortunately, Mark has struggled with muscle wounds and gets back into shape. Ondra, despite the stable performance behind the reserve nineteen, is a huge competitor in the other goalie from the team. But as it is called work and patience brings the rose and the autumn season is only halfway.


Marek Strach, despite the clear interest of Slavie, remains in Jilove even with regard to health problems. But he must, above all, have to clarify his life priorities. Although moving to a new school environment is also a matter of negativity, he needs to be more tough and life-free.


With Lukas Hrobnik the situation is a little different, but from the point of view of the development of the player is similar. Slavia test was finished, Lukas made tests at school, from Brezany moved to Prague, and the training process now takes place with Bohemia, which showed interest in the summer.Let's hope that some stabilization in everything will lead to improved performance and in the winter perhaps a definitive move.


Krystov Kratochvil had a clear offer after completing his entire summer preparation from Bohemians. Why he has not used it yet has to know mainly himself. Access to training and matches has good parameters. It is to be hoped that he will work on his biggest shortcoming, which is a discipline, and then he can definitely move.


Jakub Sifra successfully passed the exam at university, but the problem is that in Pilsen. The training process is therefore inadequate and unfortunately it is still visible in the performance. Let's see what we find a solution leading to overall progress.


Well, that's all for now. :-)


What happened in the summer break.

There was quite a lot and many things are finalizing.

Lets start by the players of FK Jablonec. Lukáš Novák, Tomáš Bulíř a Sebastian Munzar, all  players of the year 1996 already joined in the end of June preparation with second league club FK Varnsdorf. Besides other things all three played at the Venice tournament where they won the tournament in the competition in todays league club Mladá Boleslav and Bohemians and last year Hradec Králové. Despite being them given the oportunity in other matches the club´s leadership decided not to reflect on their possible engagement.


Nevertheles the parent club has a keen interest in professional growth in sporting players and believes in their future potential and has  therefore offered them the extention of profesional contract under better conditions for which is important to thank. Very soon after the end of the exam in Varnsdorf registered the participant with interest in engagement of ČFL SK Zápy and thanks the constructive approach of all the interested parties agreement was reached on the half year hosting of all three. So we keep the boyes in their thumbs for the engagement in small town near Prague an we hope that they make all the effort to help themselves and to the club to reach best results.


The young spartians Marek Radimský a Ondřej Adámek, after winning the title of the champion of the Republic in their age group U17, started the preparation of the U18 and U19 teams at the beginning of July. Ondra, after ankle surgery, started in an individual regime, but now he is already well enough that coach Erich Brabec has already given him a chance in a preliminary match with Bohemia.


For his chance in the league Slavia is fighting so far Mára Strach, who went through training and concentration with U17, though in his struggle he is again injured by an aching ankle so he is currently undergoing professional examination and treatment procedures.

In Slavia, Lukaš Hrobnik is now on trial, with the passing of a two-weeks test in the divisional Zbuzany so we will see where his next activity will be directed.


Already in winter, Kryštof Kratochvíl was preparing with  Bohemians U17 team and now in summer he passed the whole preparation. Coach Harant is interested in his engagement, so it is now more or less at Kryštof whether he will decide to use this chance and fight for his football future.

Jakub Šifra, thanks to the friendly approach of third league club Štěchovice, was able to prepare under the baton of coach Zbyněk Busta for fourteen days and is now preparing as a definitely adult player with FC Jílové for the start of the I. A classe.


We wish all our players good luck and health in the autumn of the competition, because it is clear from the above that football players need the most.:-)


Congratulations to Mark Radimsky for getting the first career title and, of course, congratulations to Ondrej Adamek ... :-) :-)